Currently, Canadian low-risk investors can buy GICs, which have relatively low default risk and volatility. If you want to acquire the latest annual return of GICs, please contact our investment advisors. (For reference only: 2-YEAR GIC average annual return: 2.15%, 5-YEAR average annual return: 2.5%. Date:2018-5-25)

GF Securities (Canada) commits to offer a comprehensive range of financial investment solutions based on clients’ suitability and specific demand. In addition to stocks of North America and China, we also provide bonds, ETFs, financial derivatives, RIETs, mutual funds, hedge funds and many other financial products.

  • New issue: A company issues securities from its own treasury to raise equity capital in the marketplace. If the company is issuing securities for the first time, this is called “Initial Public Offering”.
  • Bought deal:In the conventional underwriting, the underwriter sell securities of an issuer to the public. In a bought deal, a bought deal underwriter commits to buy a specific number of securities at a set price and then resell those securities to the public.