Since GF Securities (Canada) is a full-service brokerage firm, our Investment Advisors will provide a deliberate and personal focused investment strategy to our clients. We welcome the opportunity to serve all clients.

GF Securities (Canada) offers CAD and USD currency account currently. The below three client Deposit methods are acceptable in certain conditions:

  • Bill payment via client’s online banking: Clients can make deposits to their investment accounts (except Register Accounts, including TFSA account by the CRA regulations) directly through “bill payment” functionality with their online banking system. Please note this method may limited to CAD currency only per your bank procedure.
  • Cheque Deposit: Clients may write a cheque from his/her Canadian bank account and made payable to GF Securities(Canada) Company limited.
  • Bank Draft Deposit: Bank drafts MUST be drawn from client’s Canadian bank account (the same bank info has been filed with GF previously) and made payable to GF Securities (Canada) Company Limited and provide the transaction receipt with detailed bank account number and accountholder’s name which shows the funds withdrawal for bank draft for our further supportive document.