Kiko Tuo

Associate Investment Advisor (MBA) 

Kiko Tuo holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Thompson Rivers University, and dual degree in Business and a Certificate in Psychology.

She started investing in the stock market since she was a student and has developed her unique insights into the market. Accumulated 8 years of experiences in stock market, she became very good at analyzing the company's financial status and operations management, as well as keeping abreast of the latest situation in many different industries. With professional knowledge and extensive experience, she strives to provide the most suitable investment and financial plan for each different client from planning a registered account to comprehensive asset allocation.

Her investment philosophy is: Customize the most suitable investment strategy for each customer, stabilize growth as the first essential, and a small part of the funds to find the opportunity.

She is fluent in Chinese and English and enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking.

member Kiko Tuo

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