Frank Chen

Investment Advisor

With over 10 years experience in investment research and portfolio management, Feng worked as Head of Investment Department, Director in Fixed Income, Portfolio Manager and managed over 10 Billion CAD equivalent fixed income portfolios for a leading Asset Management Institution in China. He is an expert in fixed income investment, and he is proficient in valuation analysis, credit cycles and fundamental research. He adheres to an absolute return investment style underpinned by diligent research and solid portfolio construction.

In terms of long-term sustainable returns, Feng thinks that a well-constructed vanilla portfolio of fixed income securities and equities is a good starting point. It requires on-going top-down asset allocation adjustments to manage risks and diligent bottom-up picks to generate excess returns, and independent valuation is the golden key.

As for individual investment pick, Feng emphasizes a framework that a good investment has to go through a plain analysis of three aspects: common sense knowledge, fundamental research and empirical data verification.

He holds a Master’s degree in Applied Finance from Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand, and a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Xi’an Jiaotong University, China.

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