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At GF Securities (Canada) Co. Ltd., we understand that confidentiality and protection of your privacy are important elements of your business relation with us. As part of this trust, we maintain high standards to safeguard your personal information at all times and will remain vigilant in protecting your information.

We collect your personal financial information in order to provide products and services to you, to operate prudently, and to meet legal and regulatory requirements. We never rent or sell your name or other personal financial information to third parties.

Collecting Information

Most of the information that we collect about you comes directly from you, from the applications, agreements, or forms that you complete in order to take advantage of our services and products. In addition, we maintain records of our transactions and holdings with us.

When we collect information from you, we will explain what information we collect, how we intend to use it, and advise clients of third parties to whom it will be disclosed.

Information We Collect from You

Depending on the nature of the business relationship, we obtain certain information from you to meet business, legal and regulatory requirements. In all cases we collect only personal financial information that is necessary to provide personalized financial services to you.

We ask for variety of information when you open an account with us. Securities industry regulations demand that we obtain information about you so that we can provide the proper level of services to you on the information that you provided to us. For example, we may use your date of birth to identify you, or to determine your eligibility for products or services (time horizon), which may be of benefit to a certain age group. We are required to obtain your Social Insurance Number (“SIN”) and comply with the legislation regarding its use. SIN numbers are provided to Canada Revenue Agency in accordance with the CRA reporting requirements.

This consent may not be withdrawn as it relates to the operation of your accounts.

Disclosing Information

(a) Information Disclose to GF Affiliates

GF Securities (Canada) Co. Ltd. is a wholly indirectly owned subsidiary of GF Securities Co. Ltd. When you provide your consent, we may share your information with GF Securities Co. Ltd. and other affiliated companies of GF group to help us serve you better by identifying related products and services that may be of use to you. Sharing information within the GF group of companies will also help us ensure that the information that we have on file for you is complete and up-to-date. Your consent to us providing information to GF affiliated companies for the purpose of our providing information to you about related products and services is optional and may be withdrawn by you at any time.

(b) Information Disclose to Third Parties

GF Securities (Canada) Co. Ltd. will provide your information to other parties in situations:

  • • Where we have your consent;
  • • Where the other parties are our suppliers or business partners who provide services to your accounts; and
  • • Where we are required to do so by law.

With your consent, we may obtain information about you from third parties such as credit agencies. This information helps us assess your eligibility for certain products and services. Please remember that if you do not provide consent for this, we may not be able to extend certain account privileges to you such as margin loans.

GF Securities (Canada) Co. Ltd. will, as necessary, use various services from non-affiliated third parties. We use these external service provides for the purpose of supporting the financial products and services that we provide to you. For example, GF Securities (Canada) Co. Ltd. is in a type 2 brokerage agreement with Raymond James Ltd. Raymond James is Ltd. responsible for all the back office supports and services to us. The ability of these third party providers to protect the personal information of our clients is an important consideration in our relationship with them.

Non-affiliated third parties are prohibited from using information about you except for the narrow purpose for which we disclose it to them. The recipient non-affiliate third parties of that information are required to protect the confidentiality and security of that information and may not reuse it for any other purpose.

GF Securities (Canada) Co. Ltd. may also disclose information to government agencies and regulations when permitted or required by law.

Through you continued use of our services, we shall assume that you consent to our disclosure of your information as part of a sale or merger of our business, should we decide in the future to sell all or part of our business or merge with another financial institution, unless you advise us otherwise by contacting us at the address provided below under “Addressing Your Concerns”. Please see below under “Your Right to Withdraw Consent” regarding the effect of withdrawal of consent in these circumstances.

For certain purposes we are not required to obtain your consent to disclosure of your personal information. For example, service providers that we hire to do things like process your trades and send month-end statements to you will have access to certain account information including your name and address in order to perform their functions. However, all such third party service providers are required to sign agreements to help ensure that they will protect the confidentiality of your information. Other situations in which we may disclose you information without consent includes:

  • • To regulatory bodies within the investment industry;
  • • To government agencies or law enforcement agencies;
  • • When we are in receipt of a valid Court Order or Search Warrant; and
  • • To outside sources to help us collect a debt owed to us by you.

Protecting Information

GF Securities (Canada) Co. Ltd. will take appropriate steps to protect your information. We have thorough security standards in place to protect your information against unauthorized access and use. If you access the accounts through our Account Online Service or subscribe to our e-Statement service, we use passwords that you alone should know. Our internet based applications that use only “session cookie” that are erased from computer as soon as your session is over. We retain your information only as long as we need it to service your accounts, or as long as industry regulations and our legal obligations demand. Accordingly, we will retain your personal information on file after your accounts are closed. When we no longer need your information and are no longer required to keep it, we will delete electronic records and destroy physical records containing your information.

Security safeguards that are appropriate to the sensitivity of the information shall protect your personal information. Safeguards include, but are not necessarily limited to, limiting access top physical storage of your information, using User ID and password to access electronic records and using encryption and other techniques to limit internet access to your information. We restrict access to your personal information internally on a “need to know” basis and advise employees on our policies and procedures with respect to your information, including the importance of protecting your privacy.

Accuracy of Information

Your personal information shall be as accurate, complete and up-to-date as necessary for the purpose for which it is to be used.

Having accurate information about you will enable us to provide the best possible service. We expect that you will provide updated information. If you detect any errors in the information that we have, please let us know immediately.

Online Services

GF Securities (Canada) Co. Ltd. offers online services through our website. While we may keep records of which web pages you visit or download, we do so for statistical purpose only. We do not take or use any personal information during your visit to our website. When you send us an email, we learn your exact email address as well as any other information that you may have included in the email. While we may use your email address to reply to you, we do not make your email address known to anyone outside of the GF Securities (Canada) Co. Ltd.

Only with your consent, we may retain your email address on the email list to advice products or services that may be of interest to you. You may request us to remove the email address from the mailing list at any time.

We may also send certain required information to you via email, such as Shareholder Communication Information with your permission. Again, you may cancel this at any time.

Please keep in mind that information sent via email is generally unencrypted, so we would remind out you not to send confidential information via email.


GF Securities (Canada) Co. Ltd. will provide access to your information upon your request. We will take reasonable steps to ensure that your personal information is accurate and complete and up-to-date. Most of your information is in the form of account documentation and transaction records. You will receive copies of any documents that you signed at the time the account was opened with us. If you require further details about your personal information, you may contact us at any time. Although every effort will be made to accommodate the requests, please note that we may refuse access in certain circumstances prescribed by law, such as, where the information contains the personal information of other persons, where disclosure of client information would reveal our confidential commercial information or violate our legal privilege, or where we are otherwise required or permitted by law to refuse access.

Right to Withdraw Consent

By opening an account with GF Securities (Canada) Co. Ltd., you are providing the express consent for us to collect, use and disclose the personal information that you have provided to us. However, you have the right to withdraw this consent at any time.

Please note that withdrawing consent is subject to legal and contractual restrictions, and that your withdrawal of consent may mean that we will be unable to provide certain services to you, or, in certain circumstances, may cause us by regulation, to be unable to administer your account.

Withdrawal of your consent to us disclosure of personal information to any successor to the operation of all or part of our business as a result of a sale or merger will mean that neither us nor the successor to the our business will be able to continue to operate your account.

Upon request, we will explain the consequences of withdrawing consent in more details to you.

Addressing Your Concerns

You have the right to view your files and request correction of any inaccurate, incomplete or outdated information. GF Securities (Canada) Co. Ltd. will address and respond to any of your concerns about us handling of personal information. GF Securities (Canada) Co. Ltd. Privacy Officer is the Chief Compliance Officer. You may direct the concerns or enquiries to:

  • GF Securities (Canada) Co. Ltd.
  • 130 – 5911 No. 3 Road
  • Richmond BC V6X 0K9
  • Telephone: 1.778.297.5888
  • Email:
  • Attention: Chief Compliance Officer
  • We may charge you a nominal fee for providing copies of your information.

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